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Make your art your own - not a brand.

Do you feel boxed in by type?  That your "brand" is not at all who you are?  That you feel pigeonholed by who other people told you you "present" as? 

Let me help you.  Let's work together to de-homogenize broadway so we can see people of all genders, races, and sizes see themselves on stage.  

Scroll for testimonials and packages or fill out this form so

I can get to know the real you.

Emily's Repertoire: Text

Emily's Repertoire is a secret key for success.  Whether you are auditioning for college, brushing up on your skills as a college student, or you are already in the industry, her monologue rep is perfect for anyone.  My favorite thing about Emily's (repertoire) is that she gets to know you as a person.  Then the work ends up being based off you and not just your 'type'.  She found me three monologues I absolutely love and I honestly think about asking for new monologues every month!  Emily's dedication to supporting you and your wallet is not to miss.  Check her out!

"Emily's Repertoire has such a vast knowledge of plays, that she has become a MUST for any actor. The best part? Emily is an expert at listening to your needs and finding individualized monologues that fit better than a glove! Now that I have the monologues she recommended me, I no longer have to walk into an audition and worry that I'm being pigeonholed into a typecast. Audition-worry will soon be a thing of the past!

Susanne McDonald

Charlie Stowe

Emily's Repertoire: Testimonials


Just Perusing

$2- One Play Recommendation 

The Margo Martindale

$10- Five Character Recommendations

The Callback

$15- One Monologue + Two Character Recommendations

The Bookworm

$20- Twenty play recommendations

The Actor's Best Friend Package
$35- Two Monologues + Three Character Recommendations + Four Play Recommendations

(Most Requested Package)

Venmo payments can be paid to @EmilyBaker3343 then click this link to start your repertory request.  Please include your tier in the memo.

Emily's Repertoire: About
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