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Intimacy work is the codified practice of choreographing moments of stage intimacy in order to create safe, repeatable, and effective storytelling.

Intimacy Consultant: About

The beginning

Emily's intimacy consulting work began in 2019 when she found a PDF about the five pillars online while directing How I Learned to Drive.  Since then Emily has found a passion for the work and has intimacy consulted for several productions along with working towards certification with IDC.

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While she happily will consult for intimacy in any production, her speciality is traumatic work.  Her work stems from therapeutic grounding techniques and self care.  Her philosophy is that the body does not realize that we are putting on a performance.  That's when her work takes place.  She helps put rehearsal practices in place that help "leave it in the room" as well as grounding methods to bring the actors back to themselves at the end of the performance or rehearsal.  Emily has used these methods for several productions and each one left actors, crew and audience with a sense of safety while they partook in challenging pieces. It is Emily's goal to normalize consent based theater and hopes to be part of that change.  Please contact her below to set up a consultation to see if she is the right fit for your production.

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Intimacy Consultant: About


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