Emily Baker (she/her) is a formerly midwestern director, actor, dramaturg, producer, and the creator of Emily's Repertoire.  Her work focuses on bringing humanity back to theatre through diverse plays, casts, and crews as well as keeping spaces collaborative and leading conversations with kindness and care.  

Her work in Emily's Repertoire focuses on bringing personalized monologues and play recommendations to actors that reflect themselves fully beyond a typecast.  She also loves to bring new works to audiences by sharing what she's reading and by recognizing an unpublished playwright every month!  

She is also an associate producer at Samuel-Lancaster Productions whose goal is to produce dynamic anti-racist, accessible, and inclusive artistic events of all varieties with the purpose of telling the stories not told, and retelling stories in an equitable, compelling, and powerful way.


Emily Baker exudes brilliance, professionalism, creativity, leadership, and passion in everything she does. She is an extraordinary Director and Theatre Artist, approaching art with a driven focus on accessibility for all. She is one of the most well read people I know, bringing her vast literary experience into her work. She begins all her projects with a staggering level of creativity and vision, but even with her own brilliant ideas, is a huge advocate for collaboration and working together, which makes her a unique and important presence in the theatre. Emily brings all of herself to all of her work; melding activism, her strong and unwavering beliefs, and art to work to change the entire landscape of entertainment. I could not recommend Emily Baker higher, and I cannot wait to see the work you will create with her on your team.

Alex Leondedis

If there is anyone who can aid in anything theater-related, it is Emily Baker. Her work has been claimed to "make an actor out of anyone." Emily's work is highlighted by her exceptional ability to collaborate with a group of peers and guide conversations with ease through topics typically considered to be challenging. Celebrating Women, Queer, and BIPOC artists in theater, Emily is a go-to for anything that falls under the stars.

Connor Wentworth